v  The universal cure for disease.

v  Discovery of a means of prolonging life.

v  A power or process of transforming some thing into something precious.

v  A medieval chemical science and philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.


v  The essential principal.

v  A sweetened liquid used as a vehicle for medicinal agents.

v  A substance that is believed to cure all ills.

Our Office

~ THE Herbal Medicine specialists!

Welcome to the Alchemy & Elixir Health Group!

Our office is located in convenient South Granville - at Fir street and West 6 avenue and is easily accessible by transit along 4th Avenue and West Broadway, just over the Granville Street bridge. We offer a variety of holistic health care options for the attainment and maintenance of your optimal health and vitality. Our services educate, empower and support the health of the whole person to achieve a greater balance within the mind, body and spirit.

We offer private consultations (with various wellness packages to ensure you are receiving the best care possible), group workshops and seminars. Visit our Blog and sign up for our free online E-zine to stay informed of our upcoming calendar of events and visit our online shop to order various forms of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

As each client is unique (with different lifestyle, emotions, nutrition and past medical history), we offer a variety of holistic therapies to assist in the treatment of body dis-ease and restore optimal health. Some of our services include: Western and European Herbal Medicine, Custom Blended Herbal Medicines, Nutritional Counseling, Meal Planning, Aromatherapy, Public Speaking and Voice Coaching, Relaxation Massage, Chair Massage,and Hormone Panel Testing.

All treatments and services are pre-booked by appointment, please email us at info@alchemyelixir.com or call us at 604 683 2298 to book a clinic appointment with one of our practitioners.

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